How much does a layer cage cost?

How much does a layer cage cost?


Layer cage (also known as battery farming), prices depend on who you are buying your layer cage from and what size the layer cage is. The cost of a layer cage also depends on what  poultry equipment is installed with the battery cage. A battery cage should come with a nipple drinking system, medicine tanks for medication and feeding troughs. There will also need to be a manifold and header tank with the structure. The header tank feeds the manifold, which in turn will feed the medicine tanks located on the starter layer cages inside the structure.

How much is a cage?


We sell 2 tier layer cages and 3 tier layer cages.  We are in Johannesburg (near Diepsloot). Delivery costs depend on how far you are from our factory. Please read our notes carefully so you understand what is included and what is not – and what charges are not included. The prices below exclude VAT, delivery and assembly. If you have not put up layer cages before we suggest you allow us to send an installation team.

The costs for the installation team depend on how many cages you need, whether you can provide accommodation, and whether the site has running water and electricity.

You will need one starter for every row of cages.  A starter can have as many follower units as you like. Cages should be at least 1m apart and 1 m away from the walls so that you can clean the house and collect eggs.  You will need a manifold system with a roof tank to feed the water to the nipple drinking system in the cages (The tank and manifold are not included in the price).  On larger quantities of cages we can offer a better price.


Cages Only – No Structure


Description Unit Price Ex Vat
80 birds per 2 Tier layer cage (5 birds per bay)
Layer cage 2 tier starter (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking, medicine tanks and feeding troughs. R 7 605
Layer cage 2 tier follower (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking and feeding troughs. R 5 014
120 birds per 3 Tier layer cage (5 birds per bay)
Layer cage 3 tier starter (2450L x 2100W x 1700H) with nipple drinking, medicine tanks and feeding troughs. R 9 800
Layer cage 3 tier follower (2450L x 2100W x 1700H) with nipple drinking and feeding troughs. R 7 403


Bay Width – 600mm. Bay Depth – 450mm. Bay Height front – 435mm. Bay Height back – 380mm. Wire gauge – 2.5mm galvanised.

The new generation layer cages in South Africa have extra wide bays or cages. The chicken cages can hold up to 7 hens. (Although we recommend 6 maximum). They are fitted with everything you need for intensive egg production.

battery cages for chickens

Battery cages in a 30m x 7m layer house – 3 tier

Specifications of battery cages for chickens

Chicken cages hold 5 – 7 chickens per bay. designed specifically for small farmer egg production. The layer cages has 16 bays – 8 on each side and is 2 tiers high. You can place between 80 birds and 112 birds in a single layer cage unit. (5 hens per bay and 7 birds per bay)

Layer cages have the following features:

  • 2 Tier Layer cages are 2450mm long and 1890mm wide and 1650mm high
  • 3 Tier Battery cages are 2450 long and 2100mm wide and 1700mm high
  • Nipple drinking system
  • Troughs for feeding
  • Medication tanks
  • Glavanised steel
  • Adjustable foot plates for levelling
  • Layer cage unit – 16 bays – 8 on each side across 2 tiers.
  • Each layer cage unit hold between 80 to 112 hens

The cheapest, or best value layer cages range between R4500 and R7000 depending on who you buy your poultry cages from. This is for one cage to hold 80 – 100 hens. Your poultry house will have to be wide enough to hold the number of cages you wish – and have enough room to move around freely to collect eggs and clean. Layer cage prices and the cost of layer cages when you buy layer cages or battery cages vary between suppliers – and whether or not you will assemble them yourself. Chicken cages for eggs and egg production are specialised pieces of poultry equipment, and as such, should be purchased from a reputable poultry supply company. If you wish to have a mono rail and egg trolley installed in the house – you should have at least 1.5m around each unit. A mono rail will run down the length of the house, in between the units, and have a rack to stack egg trays onto. This makes collecting eggs less of a chore. If you have a very large house you may want to consider an automated system. This will change how much a layer cage costs – this will have belts running along each unit that will automatically bring the eggs to the front of the structure. The feed will be distributed to the hens via a chain feeding unit which will be fed by a cross auger and silo. You structure should be insulated – especially if it is a small steel structure. The height should be at least 2.5m so that the top cages are not too close to the roof – it gets very hot there, hence the need for roof insulation.

For those who want to raise just a few hens in your own shed we have the perfect solution – these modular, plastic, clip together cages are great. Inexpensive and very easy to assemble. Mail us for prices

Plastic layer and broiler cages for those who have a shed

Clip together cages for broilers and layers

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  1. Sandra says:

    Good day

    I am based in Aliwal North in the Eastern cape. Please quote me on 1 3tier battery cage including delivery and installation. And also the clip together cages for 120 layers.

    Thank you

  2. Johannes Seema says:


    Please quote me for plastic clip together cages for layers, for 100 layers.

  3. Thabo Ramatsa says:


    Please send me a quote for this chicken laying cage for 500 to 1300 chickens.


  4. Jerry says:

    Hi I am Jerry from Johannesburg kindly send me through a quortation for 1 200 layers cage
    1) Layer cage 2 tier starter (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking, medicine 2) Layer cage 2 tier starter (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking, medicine tanks and feeding troughs;
    3) Layer cage 2 tier starter (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking, medicine
    2) advise on how many cages i need to maximize my capacity;
    3) external feeder tanks (mini silos?) tanks and feeding troughs include transportation charges up to the West of Johannesburg (Westrand)

  5. Victor Chimusoro says:

    Hi I am Victor from Zimbabwe Beitbridge kindly send me through a quortation for 500 layers cage
    1) Layer cage 2 tier starter (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking, medicine tanks and feeding troughs include transportation charges upto Beitbridge

  6. Hi says:

    Hy can u qoute on the cage for 100 chicken

  7. meshack says:

    hi am meshack

    please quote me a cage for 100 egg laying chickens

  8. mike mathoma says:

    Hi my name is mike.i want to start a business for laying chickens.i want sell eggs n chicken. Could u please send me your contact and address,so that I can come and view before I me as soon as possible

    Mr Mathoma

  9. Mthunzi Dlungwane says:

    I am in Newcastle (KZN). I am looking for quotes of Cages that can hold 100 chicken. I could be second hand or new. Please includes also transport.


    can you send me a quotation of a layers cage which can accomodate 1000- 2000 birds, and a trsnsport cost. um in Botswana.

    • nelebotse makua says:

      hi dithloriso i am in s a i know someone who can get a cage for 1000 birds for R18000 .i also need an investor you can come and lets work together i have a 6hectors of land and i am without capital.+27731657919

  11. Nomathamsanqa says:

    How much is u cage for 100 birds

  12. George Griffiths says:

    Hi Iam in Namibia I would like the price of a layer cage or farm for 500 chicken with all equipment inclusive . Please advised ins regards George

    • Joe Steve Drake says:


      My name is Steve Drake. i have a 40 x 10 m poultry house where i intend to install layer cages. Kindly quote me for:
      1) Layer cage 2 tier starter (2450L x 1890W x 1650H) with nipple drinking, medicine tanks and feeding troughs;
      2) advise on how many cages i need to maximize my capacity;
      3) external feeder tanks (mini silos?)

  13. henkdeKock says:

    Can you please quote on a 3 tier24 cages that can house 96 hens with water pipes complete kind regards Henk

  14. Andile says:

    I would like a quote on layer cages for 2000 chickens, im from the free state, preferably 2nd hand.

  15. Makarabelo Lemphane says:

    I would like to request for a quotation of chicken cages that take 500-1000 chickens. I’m in Lesotho.

  16. Musa says:

    I need the official quote on 120 birds Tier layer cage, and installation as well as the roof tank and manifold. thank you

    • Wayne Skews says:

      Do you need the hens structure as well or just the hen cages? If you have a structure what size is it, height at eaves, length and width?

  17. Good afternoon
    My name is Acacio Marcelino Official
    I’m in Pemba Mozambique and have interest and buy a complete new equipment or used in good condition for production birds covers to resist high temperatures 28 to 43 degrees all year strong winds heavy rain in the summer.
    1- cages for laying hen ability stop 2000 birds
    2 2000 chicken meat equipment.
    3- Incubator for eggs capacity 2,000 eggs
    4 Small system for feed production 750kg to 1000kg per day.
    We want to hear your proposal with photos and description of the equipment.
    I count on your cooperation and thank
    Thank you

  18. dinis capepa says:

    I need your contacts email and telefone as i we to come and buy cages for atleast 1000 hens to be taken to humbo angola

  19. Anthony says:

    I have a layer cage and the legs of the stand broke please can you supply me with a quotation to replace legs only. On the East Rand in South Africa.

  20. Mpho says:

    I’m looking for used laying cages that can accommodate 2000 layers
    I’m in Westornaria Gauteng


  21. M.F. Mfisa says:

    Cage for 10-50 Hens, quote please! 076 819 5373/ 060 363 7543

  22. Ralph Ferreira says:

    Afternoon, Please I need an official quote for a 3 tier 120 layer single unit complete and another for 1000 layers with a configuration of 3 tier by two (2) rows complete, manifold included. We will be able to collect from the factory. Many thanks for your swift reply.

  23. Kedibone Monama says:

    Good day
    How many cages can withhold 3500 layers anda size of a house? Kindly provide a quotations for both cages and a house.

    • Wayne Skews says:

      A 38m x 7m layer structure will hold 3600 hens in 2 rows of 3 tier layer cages. Cost about R480 000 depending on where your farm is, how thick you want the concrete floor and steel sheeting, and whether you want the roof insulated. 3600 hens will give you about 2880 eggs at an 80% lay rate.

  24. Regis Makono says:

    l need layer cages with feed and drinking accessories for 180 to 200 layer birds. will collect in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

  25. Shumba says:

    I am looking for a combination to accommodate 96 birds. Cages, nipple system, troughs and medicine tanks.
    Configuration similar but not limited to as follows: 4 birds per cage/bay, 3 tiers (4 cages/Bays per tier), 2 sets.

    Please send me a quotation including transport to Harare Zimbabwe.


  26. Charles says:

    May I have a quotation for a battery cage housing 300 birds,three tier. I live in Zimbabwe hence include transportation costs

  27. Humbulani netshidzati says:

    Good day,

    can you please send me a formal quotation for Egg laying chicken cage

    Layer cage 3 tier starter (2450L x 2100W x 1700H) with nipple drinking, medicine tanks and feeding troughs

  28. Kgomotso Mmoko says:


    All protocols observed

    My name is Kgomotso Mmoko, starting an egg production farm. Can u please send me a quotation for battery cages to house 8000 chickens including transportation to Botswana. Looking forward to hear from you, thank you

  29. Pietie Uys says:

    Looking to buy nest boxxes for free range chickens please? 24 nest box

  30. Mosela says:

    Kindly provide me with a quote for would prefer 3 tier battery cages with drinkers and feeders to hold 500 birds
    My house dimension is 25 X 7 m . Please include transport and installation, farm is at Ramatlabama, Mahikeng .


    Mosel a

  31. Tshepho says:

    Hi.. I need cages that will accommodate 300 hens. Pls send me the price.

  32. Herman says:


    This is Herman Mncwango, a CEO of INALA AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATIVE LTD,
    based at Ulundi, KZN.

    I urgently need you to quote me 3-4 x house structures for the laying
    hens that together can house a total of 7000 birds. This should
    include all layer house requirements such as 3 tier cages, drinkers,
    feeding troughs, water tanks, etc.

    The structures should be able to withstand environmental challenges
    because Ulundi area is usually experiencing extremely hot
    temperatures, strong crossing winds and storm in summer.

    I would appreciate it if your quotation reaches me sooner than later.

    Looking forward to being of your service.


    Herman Mncwango
    Cell: 0785467182

  33. Alice Muguti says:

    Please send me a quote for a cage that can accommodate 300 birds.
    I live in Zimbabwe but can do own collection.


    hie i need a battery cage that accommodates 500 to 1000 layers ,may you please send me the quotation.

  35. mary says:

    hey,could you please give me a quotation of a layer house and equipments holding 6000 chickens including the cost of transport,um in Lesotho.

  36. sanele hlela says:

    Hi, I need a cage that will accomodate 3000 hens. I am in Durban. My cellphone number is 073 796 2867

  37. deependra rajput says:

    Buying layer cages for 5000 birds with complete fittings for new forum

  38. lisbon marufu says:

    please send me contact details of layer cage manufcturers

  39. Siphandla Simanga says:

    please email me your contact details as soon as possible.

  40. Jacky says:

    Please me a qoute for both house cage for egg laying chicken 6m x 30m x 2.5m

  41. deon M says:

    Hi can u kindly send quotation for layer cages for 500 birds excluding transport and installation

  42. Good day
    I want to start egg farming, I am in Limpopo, where can I get the chicks laying eggs.Do you deliver the cage.

    Kind regards
    Mrs chauke

  43. charity mabila says:

    I need a cage dat will accommodate 200 layers nd tell me hw much is it gonna be , pls call me at 0619998200

  44. Rifiloe says:

    i am about to start my own farm for 3000 birds,(chickens),HOW much big cage do i need and the cost of it,with everything included in it

  45. Jacob says:

    Can you pliz give m a qoutation for a cage(or cages) that can accomodate around $1000 birds

  46. Freddy says:

    Need cages for 100 birds and price included

  47. I intend starting up a small operation in Queens Town with about 6 young people which entails raising a few broilers and a few layers. What is the appropriate thing to do ?
    Kindly advise
    Baleni Zolile

  48. Precius says:

    I need a 2tier laying cage for starting on a small scale for a house 3x6m .
    I live in vanderbijlpark .
    Kind regards

  49. Hannes says:

    Hi ,
    Can you give me a quotation on the small sells that can take 8 chickens on a side.

    Thank you.

  50. Ntsoaki Nkitseng says:

    I am about to start my own layer poultry farming and I would like to know all the prices for the following: layer houses, cage, drinkers and silo. Is it possible to to send me quotations?

  51. allen says:

    I would like to buy a cage that could hold 2000 laying hens. May you kindly furnish me with all costing details including that of installation the house together with the two rows of the 3 tier cages (as on picture above), ventilation, drinkers and feeders, e.g. complete house ready to be used.

    • Abie Nhlapo says:

      i would like to start a business in chicken farming and would like to get quotations on
      housing and installation of all required systems and equipments for
      2000 egg laying chickens and
      2000 broilers

      including training to manage and look after the chickens.

    • Jerobeam says:

      Dear Allen.. i have a request similar to yours, i was just wondering if you manage to start your egg production and if you have any information you can kindly sending me regarding your operation.

      Kind regards,

  52. joy says:

    plz can i have the total cost including vat for 4 complete system cages that hold a 100 birds each. the cages should be using manual system. m in zim and how best can i transport them.

  53. mrs k ncube says:

    Can I please have your contact address. Am in Bulawayo Zimbabwe , I am want to buy some cages

  54. monica says:

    I have cages for 2020 hens, with the water pipes and and extractor fan for R46,000.00 TO SELL. Pleasecan someone help me to sell them?

    • Joe says:

      Do you still have items to sell? What is your location?

    • Milly Jiri says:

      I would like specifications of cages that can hold 1 000 layers , i am in Zimbabwe and how best i can transport them


    • allen says:

      please send photos iam interested in buying them. and convert the price to dollars so that I can get a clear picture

  55. sabelo sithebe says:

    im in a process of starting my business please advise me on the size of the house together with the plan maybe you can throw in a picture s well.
    I am hoping to start with 300 layers. how many batteries do I need and how much?

  56. ben says:

    a good business would like to raise layers around 200 for the start, at Newcastle kzn , where to get feed and the cage
    ? want to hit the ground running

  57. ndou says:

    I would like to buy a cage that could hold 2000 laying hens. May you kindly furnish me with all costing details including that of installation the house together with the two rows of the 3 tier cages (as on picture above), ventilation, drinkers and feeders, e.g. complete house ready to be used.

    • monica says:

      hi I have cages for 2020 hens with water pipes and an extractor fan for R46000.00 . MY NUMBER 0742709086

  58. adel says:

    Good day,

    I need the following prices:OS500L





  59. Edwin says:

    Planning 3000 layers please send quote. Include Transport to Messina.

  60. ceaser chalwe says:

    what can be the cost of cages to hold 2000 layers without transport,tanks and installation.ceaser chalwe from kitwe zambia

    • Annarine Jacobs says:

      Dear Sir,

      I would like to have more information with regard to the chicken production and the cost of cages. I saw the similar program on the Soweto TV, and was impressed by their successful story. I am a Namibian. Please come back soon!

  61. visco Tk says:

    I’m planning to start up a poultry farm with around 500-600 laying hens. I need advice for my business plan on cages and how much it will cost me. I’m in Namibia

  62. Bheki Ngobese says:

    I need to know the feed type,quantity, and cost for 50 – 80 hens per month. As well as the medication needed and it’s cost per month. Rgds, Bheki – Nongoma, KZN, RSA.

  63. Hazel says:

    Your cages are good and efficient. Is it possible for you to manufacture some that can accommodate
    500. i would like to know how far are from kzn? I stay in Pietermaritzburg i am already in a process of
    starting egg laying chickens. I want to start with 500 laying hens. Should you have some of your clients who want to sell their second hand cages for any reason please refer me.

  64. kennie gabz says:

    I want to start with 400 layers how big the farm will be the size of the house the number of cages needed and the qoute. i will be doing free range egg farming. please advise.

    do you have second hand cages if yes please give a quote

  65. kennie gabz says:

    I want to start with 200 layers how big the farm will be the size of the house the number of cages and the qoute. i will be doing free range egg farming. please advise

  66. ZVAREVASHE T says:

    may you please forward me with a quotation for 200 birds am based in Zimbabwe.

  67. benji says:

    need layer cages for 100 hens Vereeniging

  68. daniel mashao says:

    Hi please email me you’re business address so I can come to view the cages personaly.I want to start poultry as soon as posseble and it seems on you I’m on the right treck,I’m realy interested on you’re equipment regards MDR MASHAO

  69. Zama Hlongwane says:

    Please send me a quotation of 2 tier layer cage for up to 100 layers. I am in KZN Durban

  70. Zama Hlongwane says:

    Hi I am intrested in chicken farming (egg layers) please advise me where to get hybrid layers that for the start will be 2 weeks before the point of lay. I am in Durban there are not many farms around here.

  71. jabulani says:

    Hi there,im very much intrested in your products.Will you pls send me your numbers where I can contact you plus the name of place.thank you

  72. Jacob Moloto says:

    Please send me all the price ranges for all the different products listed above for my business plan. Much appreciated

  73. hi send me a quote for 3 tier battery cages. include transport to ndola zambia for 1000 hens goodso kawanda says:

    Want to start as soon as possible

  74. AFZIL says:

    LOUIS TRICHARDT/ 082 955 3995

  75. Dibakoane TC says:

    I need 1000 point of lay
    3 tier plus
    water system
    feeding equipment
    transportation Limpopo.

    • Ralu says:

      Need quotation for 20000 point of lay system (including)

      3 tier system
      Water system
      Feeding equipment
      transport to Thohoyandou (Limpopo)

  76. mpume says:

    I want to start a chicken farm soon. Please qoute for me a layer cage for 100 chicks to start with. I am at Mandeni in KZN.

    • mpume says:

      I also need a qoutation for the house for the chicks, installed with the drinkers and feeders. My land is 1/4 of a hectare.

  77. Julia Mokoena says:

    Please send me your quote,i reside in Lesotho and we would like to start a project of layers of 300 or 400 birds.Do you also sell the layer houses?
    kind regards
    Julia Mokoena

  78. Jesajas Goseb says:

    I’m from Namibia and I’m interesting in chicken farming business for selling eggs, can you give me quotation of 30m x 70m layer house 3 tier plus the transport costs as well as installation fee.

  79. David du Toit says:

    Please send me a quote for 2tier incl transport
    I stay in Heidelberg cape my cell no:0720330682
    want to start small

  80. Eben Foby says:

    I have a 5000 sq m of land to start a poultry farm of 3000 layers. How many cages do I require to do this and how much will it cost. Thank you

  81. mamotlejoa-lesotho says:

    may I have a quotation for cages which accommodate 2000 layers.

  82. I need to buy a cages 800 chickens please send me a quotation and advice me as to whether you can also supplier with the chickens is so just quote them all for me

  83. Zanele says:

    I need cages for 1000 layers. My house is 120 square metres.

    Please help.

  84. Hi,

    Could you please send me your phone numbers and address. I am interested in coming to see the cages and buying.

    I live in Cosmo City.

    Kind regards,
    Mothupi Kgopa

  85. Mavela says:

    I want to start with 2000 layers how big the farm will be the size of the house the number of cages and the qoute

  86. Eduard says:

    Need layer cage for quail can you help

  87. Winston Babbage says:

    Good design,these products can work well in Zimbabwe.Please think of setting an agency in our country.

  88. Bheki Tembe says:

    Please provide me with contact detail,i am in need of cages,0834776494

  89. Tendayi says:

    I have a 10m x 100m chicken run I need to find out how many birds can I keep there

  90. Mapholo Motaung says:


    could u please send me the contact details so that I can get some things clear. I need cages, but am not technically good with the sizes and so forth.

    I believe I need to ask some questions so that I order what I will be able to use

  91. Mapholo Motaung says:

    May you please email me contact details. I need to get clarity on many issues, but am interested in farming with eggs.

  92. Frank moyo says:

    Pse kindle send me a house plan to accomodate 200pullets

  93. Thando Maqase says:

    Please send me your contact details.

  94. Tawanda Dzinotizei says:

    I would like specifications of cages that can hold 2 000 layers , i am in zimbabwe and how best i can transport them


  95. tafadzwa says:

    Please send me a layers as follows:
    1. 25m long and 2 m wide 2m height. layers pen with a gatter system for water collection on roof.

    2. I am not sure How many chickens can be housed by such a structure can u estimate for me.

    Can I have a quote give a maximum solution related to 2 above

  96. Makadho Ngonidzashe says:

    send me quatation for a battery cage of 1000 layers and can i buy it while i am in zimbabwe

  97. Danny Mwango says:


    Could you please send me a quotation for 17 layer cage units and 3 starter units for 3 Tier Battery cages (2450 long and 2100mm wide and 1700mm high).

    Could you please include transportation costs to Lusaka, Zambia. Do not include installation costs.

    looking forward to your quick response.

  98. John Kangungu says:

    Thank you for the Quotation for a 12m x 7m house which I will use for my Backyard, but I have bigger plans for a 30m x 7m on a Farm plot in Solwezi, Zambia.
    Please give me a Quote similar to that of Patrick of Botswana. How many hens/Cages does a 30m x 7m hold?
    I will soon comment on the first Quotation by ringing Peter.

  99. Sihle says:

    Please send us your contact details we want to order poultry African chickens

  100. rapula says:

    I would like to buy a cage that could hold 2000 laying hens. May you kindly furnish me with all costing details including that of installation the house together with the two rows of the 3 tier cages (as on picture above), ventilation, drinkers and feeders, e.g. complete house ready to be used.

  101. John Kangungu says:

    send me a Quotation
    My chicken run is 11.9m x 6.9m with a height of 2.6m from the floor to the Trusses. I have budgeted for 900-1000 Layers,assuming a Three Tier Cage holds 90 hens,hence the need for 10 Three Tier Cages.Is this correct,please advise. Don’t forget to include Installation costs and Transport to Kafue, Zambia,

  102. maleka says:

    i need to know how many cages would i need for 6000 layers & how much will it be ?

    • luwellen says:

      Hi, I have a market for the of layers. If you can supply me with a good price, I can take up to 3000 per day. Situated on the West Rand. If you can deliver to me, it would be a bonus.

  103. Rejoice Ntsienyane says:

    Please code for me laying cages for 500,1000,1500 and 2000.I want to start these type of farming at Lekubu village in Zeerust.

  104. Andre Engelbrecht says:

    Please advise if advertised prices are current and location of your supply centre.

  105. mmanoko says:

    plz send me the prize of 3 tier layer cage

  106. Wilson Mankanku says:

    Layer cage 2 tier. Please give a quotation.

  107. Tshilidzi says:

    I would like to buy a cage that could hold 2000 laying hens. May you kindly furnish me with all costing details including that of installation. My farm is at Louis Trichardt (Makhado) in Limpopo.

  108. Patrick Lesego Ratshipa says:

    I need to know the cost of the 30m x 7m house together with the two rows of the 3 tier cages (as on picture above), ventilation, drinkers and feeders, e.i. complete house ready to be used. I live in Maun, North western Botswana about 971 kms from Gaborone. Please include transport

  109. I am looking for a cage quotation that can handle 500 layers and the size of the chicken house

  110. kenny says:


    Please quote me on the cages and advise on the following:

    300 chickens to be housed – how many cages would will need to buy?

    Thank you

    • Admin says:

      the number of cages and the layout of the battery cages depends on the width and length of your poultry house. The layer units are set up in rows – with each row having it’s own starter unit – this unit has the medication tanks and connects to your manifold (this is the piping and taps that connect to a water tank on the roof of your chicken coop).

      If your house is small – say a 12 m x 4 m structure – you would have to use 3 tier cages (tiers mean how many cages are piled on top of one another). If your structure was 15 meters by 4 meters you could use 2 tier cages. Both of these width structures (4 meters wide) will only allow one row of cages. The last factor is how many hens will be in each bay – our cages can take 6 hens at a push – but we recommend only 5 for safer, hassle free egg farming.

      The cages needed for 300 chickens in one row of cages and with one starter unit – excluding the costs of the manifold system will be about R17000. This is the cages only – it does not include delivery, or us doing any setup – you will need to do the assembly yourself. If you would like a quote for the whole job – us installing the cages send me an email and I will quote.

      These cages will hold 360 hens at 5 birds per bay.If we had to build a structure and install the cages (a 12 meter x 4 meter hen house with curtains etc. it would cost about R85000 – depending on where your chicken farm is.

  111. hassim says:

    please can you give me a price

  112. hassim says:

    I need cages

  113. Mr. KJ Aphane says:

    I am interested in a cage with 80 to 120 capacity. I am staying approximately 150km from Diepsloot, about 90km north of Pretoria. Can you please give me a price for the cage and that of a transport to deliver.



  114. gideon modise says:

    Looking for cages that host 80-100 birds .I’m an individual and woul like to do backyard.francistown is my destiny

  115. Andrew says:

    need a 120 batterycage

  116. martin says:

    Quote One only 30Mtrx7Mtr Layer house


    • Admin says:

      No – laying cages are not cheap – but for what you get, and the type of money you can make from layer cages, not expensive either. Why don’t you try free range eggs first? Try the poultry forum for second hand layer cages?

      • luis says:

        Dear Seer
        My name is Luis Zibia, i wouldlike to have a cotation for a cage with capacity of 80 birds.
        I hope to hearing from you soon
        Luis Zibia

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